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I got a FACELIFT...

Calm down. Not a real facelift, I'm not that LA, I actually am that LA, but I don't have the guts to go under the knife.#winning

The facelift happen to my website. Yay! Do you like it? Just say yes because, I LOVE IT!

I could have never done it with my website guru, whom shall remain anonymous at the moment...but send me a note on my site and I'll give you her contact info;)

This blog is going to be the way I communicate with all of you with out the restriction of 140 characters on twitter, with more depth than insta and all those emoji's, and with something more real than a "I'm trying to be positive because everything on Facebook is so political" kind of post!

I promise you'll learn something about me, and if you don't, I promise you'll have a chuckle at my expense!

XO and Happy Thirsty Thursday!

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