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GUYS! Happy 4th!!!!

As a Latina, I LOVE the 4th, I get to eat white people food and even better MAKE white people food, like Potato Salad(don't know why I capitalized that).

Today I wanted to give you some of my health thoughts, so tomorrow you don't wake up with indigestion/acid reflux!

1. Don't eat too much.

I know this one is hard, but one of the biggest causes of acid reflux is over eating because it takes FOR-EVVVVAAA for your food to digest!

2. Eat everything!

I know, I just said don't eat too much, but for #2 it means, a bit of everything, AKA don't just eat chips and think you're not eating the rest and just eating chips is saving you calories. That's a no no! Our bodies like carbs, protein and some greens, so do that! And just eat chips as your carb! YAY! But don't forget a little protein and something green!

3. Have good convo's!!

Did you know when you have unpleasant or stressful conversations, say about an ex, Trump, or how you hate the party you're at, your body is actually not digesting your food properly?! I know, crazy!!! So, keep it light and positive while you eat!

OK, now try to celebrate and think of me while doing it, K?


Said Potato Salad:) Shout out to my Tia for the recipe!!

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