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Donuts & Dresses!


Hope you all had an amazing week!

I wanted to share 2 amazing discoveries this week: Letter Donuts and Target Dresses!

Yup, I'm giving both men and woman, golden nuggets with this post!

First, memorize these words: California Donuts. This little gem of a place takes celebrating with donuts to a whole new level.

Case and point.

UH-Mazing, right?!

And now for the ladies.

I was on set the other day and they pulled a lot of clothes from Target for me. I LOVE target, but I kind of skip over the clothes section. Well that's a mistake, I won't ever do again! You just have to have an open mind, and really look at the dress/shirt/skirt you're looking at, without letting the fluorescent lights take over!

Peep the dress!

Doesn't this give you vintage vibes, BUT with a Target price, $29.99 to be exact!

You're Welcome!

And go to Target and California Donuts to make this Friday even more magical, k?


#BiancaLopez #CaliforniaDonuts #Targetclotes #Targetdresses #SetClothes #LetterDonuts #ActressBiancaLopez

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