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Health Banter

Happy Monday! You made it through Monday, bravo!

I just had dinner at my fav place Erewhon. If you haven't been to Erewhon, you're not living!!!

But seriously I find the craziest, weird, delish, and nutritious things there!!

Like this:

This energizing shot has herbs and vitamins that don't taste amazing, BUT it makes you feel good! It's like that shot of vodka you had last night, but this shot makes you feel good the morning after, unlike the vodka!

So last week, while I'm taking a shot, I realized that I love healthy food, snacks, and basically anything edible that's good for you so...

I started an insta account full of reviews on all things new, weird, and health food related called:


Cute right?! Here it is!

SO, go check me out! There will be more pics like this, but with food being more of the focus!


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