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Namaste AF

How are you this Monday morning? If you're feeling a bit overwhelmed and emotional, blame the moon!

Guys, mother nature is real AF, so don't deny it, just get Namaste AF!

Last night I went to a full moon meditation at Hyperslow

Peep my yoga mat.

A full moon meditation at Hyperslow is magical because it's also a sound bath, reiki and breath work session, wrapped into one! Oooommmmmmmmmmm!!!

I know, I'm blowing your yogi mind!

I know a full moon meditation may be too much to handle for anyone not familiar with the concept. So I'm going to give you other options. Here's a question: Do you ever feel like you've been going and going and haven't taken a moment in the last couple weeks for yourself? Then do yourself a favor and MEDITATE.

Now, If you don't want to meditate maybe you do a little breath work then with my friend Ana Lilia .

Look, do something to get in touch with yourself and give your mind a little mental break from all the noise. In LA we are always trying to do more. Be more happy, be more successful, make more money, more, more! That's great, but what about being more loving and compassionate to yourself and others? I want more of that, and if you want more of that, then get yourself to a yoga class, full moon meditation class, or just sit with yourself and breath!

Happy Monday and Namaste!


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